Sky God's Healing Spell
Sky God's Healing Spell
Parent Magic

Sky God Slayer Magic


Chelia Blendy

Sky God's Healing Spell is an unnamed Sky God Slayer Magic Spell.


A Sky God Slayer is capable of healing wounds;[1] a form of Magic which was thought to be long-lost.[2] The user is able to employ this restorative power on themselves, healing injuries in a matter of seconds, without the need for any preparation or particular stance,[1] and can otherwise heal others by generating a bright, airy sphere between their hands and touching targets with it.[3] It's unknown whether such power has any limitations, however Chelia Blendy was incapable of completely healing Lucy Heartfilia's body after the latter endured heavy physical and magical punishment from Minerva. Still, it's unclear whether this was because of any limitations that Sky God Slayer Magic may possess, or if it was a result of the inexperience of the original caster.[4] This spell, unlike the one employed by Sky Dragon Slayers, can heal physical wounds, but it can't restore the target's fatigue; a faculty distinctive to the latter.[5]


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