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ColorS Magic

色替 (カラーズ)




Magic Item


Unnamed Shop Owner
Lucy Heartfilia[1]

ColorS Transformation Magic (色替, カラーズ, Karāzu) is a small device that is a common Magic Item.


ColorS Magic takes the form of a small book with an intricately decorated cover, bearing the device's name. In the anime, it closely resembles a rectangular box, with its front decorated by the object's name, placed almost in its center, and by a pair of round, mirror-like objects or drawings superimposed on, from the top to the bottom, a darker-colored rectangle with jagged borders and a decorated round drawing resembling a mirror's frame, which is in turn surrounded by four decorations, reminiscent of arrows pointing outwards.


Color Alteration: ColorS Magic can be used to change the color of the clothes the user is wearing, just by sliding over the mirror-like surface on the item. It is popular among girls.[2]


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